The Highwayman Remediated

This is the end result of my MED 104 remediation project for assignment 2. I would have liked to change a few things around but have run out of time because I’ve had to focus on the written component of the assignment.

Basically, I started with the PowerPoint 2013 presentation that was exported to an mp4 file that was first uploaded to my YouTube channel.  Not quite sure what has happened to it in between my computer and YouTube.  The PowerPoint slideshow worked well and the conversion to video seemed to work, but it has gone very glitchy on YouTube.

I decided to sign up at vimeo and upload the video there to see if that made a difference.  It certainly did.  The vimeo version of the video is much smoother than the YouTube version.

I’ve always thought of YouTube as the ‘go to’ place for video sharing but there does seem to be a problem with their processing of uploads, at least with this one.

The PowerPoint slideshow is here: The Highwayman Remediated

The YouTube version.


The vimeo version.



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