It Has Been a Very Long Time…

Yes, it certainly has been a long time. This blog is still hanging in there and has been useful once again.

After a bit of a study journey at USQ that culminated in a Bachelor of General Studies (yes, disappointing but my own fault for changing my mind and program too many times), I have come full circle. I am now enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications) at Curtin University.

I’m glad I did keep this blog. 🙂


The Highwayman Remediated

This is the end result of my MED 104 remediation project for assignment 2. I would have liked to change a few things around but have run out of time because I’ve had to focus on the written component of the assignment.

Basically, I started with the PowerPoint 2013 presentation that was exported to an mp4 file that was first uploaded to my YouTube channel.  Not quite sure what has happened to it in between my computer and YouTube.  The PowerPoint slideshow worked well and the conversion to video seemed to work, but it has gone very glitchy on YouTube.

I decided to sign up at vimeo and upload the video there to see if that made a difference.  It certainly did.  The vimeo version of the video is much smoother than the YouTube version.

I’ve always thought of YouTube as the ‘go to’ place for video sharing but there does seem to be a problem with their processing of uploads, at least with this one.

The PowerPoint slideshow is here: The Highwayman Remediated

The YouTube version.


The vimeo version.


My Sites Here and There

Okay, I just rediscovered my old Tripod site that I’ve had for years. That’s the first site I made for my poetry and Priscilla of The Turkeys story. Hang on, I think the first site I had for them was at my old AOL web pages. That was a very long time ago!

Now I’m at a loss as to what to do with the Tripod site. I suppose I could use it as an alternative site for one of my domains or as a general info site to point people to my other sites. Not sure yet.

For anyone who may be interested in having a look, my sites are at (my business site), (poetry and writing but not uploaded yet), (La Femme Nikita and Torchwood fan site but not uploaded yet), and (haven’t quite worked out what to do with this one yet).

My blogs are Life and Other Silly Things, my Curtin Uni Learning Portfolio, and my Off Profile blog.


You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve really wanted to write about or comment on something, and it has tumbled around in my head only to be eventually lost.  And the thought of trying to maintain three blogs  –, and – was a bit daunting so I’ve simplified a bit.  Copy and paste to all three.  Not exactly original but at least it might help with keeping them all updated.

Not sure whether I will add a blog to my business site  I probably should let it have its own blog but then again that may send me completely round the bend.  It might be better to point to one of the three I already have.

Decisions, decisions.

London Riots

I’ve been following the news of the London riots on various news sites –,, etc., and via my Twitter @puddymuddle.

This is the third day now and I’m still at a loss as to why London has erupted like this.  Yes, I know it supposedly all started out as a ‘peaceful’ protest after the police shot a man but hasn’t it all gone way too far?

From what I’ve read the rioting and looting has spread to other areas and the police have been struggling to get things under control.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people fighting for rights and wanting social change in countries where they are suffering under cruel despotic rulers.  But London?  This seems totally crazy to me and I’m struggling to understand why.

There was a recent tweet from @wikileaks with regard to a printed advice sheet for looters and rioters  There seems to be something rotten in the state of Denmark, or rather the city of London.  As far as I’m concerned that reeks of planning and organisation.

So who or what is behind it all and how far will it spread?  I guess time will tell.  I just hope it all settles down soon before too much damage is caused and too many lives are lost.

It’s Been A While

Yes, it certainly has been a while since my last post on this blog.  What’s been happening?  Well, quite a bit.

I decided to take a break from uni studies for a little while because I was working on TAFE business courses, working part-time and trying to find a second job because I didn’t have enough hours from my first job and studies to satisfy Centrelink.  It was crazy and getting a little bit tiring to say the least.

I’m now about halfway through TAFE Cert III in Business so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The appalling job situation here at Hervey Bay, and the struggle with trying to find a second job, led me to applying for the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) to help me to start a small business.  I now have a Cert. IV in Small Business Management but still don’t have the web site completed or the business up and running.  The business was supposed to officially start from 1 July 2011 but hasn’t really had a chance yet as I was sick with flu for most of July.  Them’s the breaks.  The business web site is

Once again I feel like I’m trying to do to many things at once.


Topic 1.3: Dating, Intimacy and Sexuality

Task 1.3 – Online dating is something that I can’t relate to as it is not something I have had any experience with.  I have met many people and made friends online, but nothing further than that.  However, my daughter met her boyfriend online through one of the game sites.  That was around six years ago when they, and the other people in their group were about 11 years old.  They have been girlfriend and boyfriend for about eighteen months now and he has spent most of the school holidays over the last year with us.

Their relationship progressed in a very similar way as Pascoe (2009) described.  They started out messaging as a group through the game site as well as MSN, and then they started communicating exclusively through phone text messages, then phone calls.  They had actually known each other online for over four years before they met offline.   To date neither of them has shown any interest in anyone else and they get along very well because they have a lot of things in common.  Unfortunately, things don’t work out well for everybody and I have read shocking stories over the last few years about some who get into bad situations.

Online infidelity is also something I have never experienced.  I have engaged in ‘flirty’ banter on a message board that I frequent but nothing beyond that, and usually only with other members that I have known for a period time.  Crossing the line would ruin message board friendships and damage offline relationships.

Public flirting online can be totally harmless.  It is when the public flirting turns to private chat rooms and private messaging that the behaviour becomes more risky.  According to internet addiction research by Young, O’Mara and Buchanan (2000) “…serious relationship problems were reported by fifty-three percent of the 396 case studies of Internet addicts interviewed”.  These figures give some indication of the extent of online cheating and the way it has adversely affected a lot of relationships.

The research looked at the possibility that “…the anonymity of electronic transactions allows users to secretly engage in erotic chats without the fear of being caught by a spouse” (Young, O’Mara, & Buchanan, 2000).  The use of anonymous screen names would provide a sense of security in regard to the risk of the behaviour being discovered and lessen the chances of being caught.

Another factor that may contribute to the temptation of indulging in an online affair may be geographical distance.  The same research found that it was considered to be a harmless flirtation (Young, O’Mara, & Buchanan, 2000) if the people involved lived on opposite sides of the world.  One woman felt that “…cybersex isn’t really cheating because of the lack of physical contact” (Young, O’Mara, & Buchanan, 2000) in an online relationship.

Being involved in an online relationship is like being in a fantasy world for some people.  As with gaming, it can be used as a form of escape from the real world.  Those who do take part in this behaviour feel that they can justify it by pretending it isn’t cheating because there is no physical contact.  Cyber cheating is not real in a physical sense but it can cause as much damage as being involved in a real life affair.


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